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Instagram Marketing Tips for Direct Sellers All Year Long

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The holiday season is just around the corner, for businesses and marketing, it’s already here! As a matter of fact, you should already be into your holiday marketing plan.

As a direct sales rep, you most likely have some type of social media presence that you use to connect with leads and customers.

And, hopefully you’re using one of the best social marketing tools that are out there now – Instagram.

If you’re not on it, we suggest jumping on now while you still have a few weeks before major shopping time occurs.

Have you started running a holiday campaign this year? In the following blog post, we share some major key Instagram marketing tips for direct sellers to use this holiday season.

Let’s get started!


1. Update Your Instagram Profile – Holiday Style

Be sure to update your profile with a link that goes right to your holiday page that you’re promoting – especially if you are watching your analytics and want to see how much traffic you get directly from Instagram to certain pages during special promotions.

Add Emoji’s that are holiday related like the tree, ornament, snowman, snowflake. These are such a fun visual and allows a reader to skim a post or page easily.

color me courtney instagram colorqueen dressoutsidethelines animal kingdom


2. Show Your Products – Lifestyle & Holiday decor

Customers don’t always know what’s new or popular if they haven’t gone to a party anytime recently. And we know that parties (even online) you don’t get to show everything or they just don’t see everything.

So, keep those customers up to date with simple images of products.

And use this as a talking point with customers or leads at parties to let them know you post new products and tips so be sure to follow you!

tupperware instragram products


3. Cross-Promote To & From Other Social Pages

Grab some of those readers from your other social platforms and let them know you have an Instagram account that they can follow!

It may sound obvious, but shoppers want to have easy access and don’t want to take a lot of time searching around.

Plus, we see so many of our direct sales people create all these platforms and then struggle to get each one noticed! When actually you can easily just share across them all with each other to drive traffic from everywhere you are!

So, share, share & share (yourself!)

(To your Instagram page example)

(From your Instagram page example)


4. “This or That”: Holiday Themed

You can do one of this every other day with cute pics and items for the holidays.

Think of seasonal ‘battles’ such as:

  • fake tree vs. real tree
  • turkey vs. ham
  • gift card vs. wrapped present
  • led lights vs. non-led lights
  • shop online vs. shop instore
  • eggnog vs. hot chocolate



5. Get More Personal with Personality

Instagram is one of the most personal and friendly kind of social sites – and now is no time to be shy.

Show yourself holding items, about to eat, smiling, walking, etc and you will draw in more visual appeal.

ask question this or that instagram


6. Ask Questions or Use a Poll

Asking questions get people engaged, don’t you think?

Keep your questions short, precise, positive and if possible, super fun to answer!

Learn how to ask a question on Instagram >


7. Giveaways

It’s no secret that giveaways are huge, but the misconception is that they are costly. But we are here to say they aren’t!

No ma’am!

You don’t have to give away a whole buttload of products…. JUST ONE! Yes, that’s right.

JUST ONE simple little item. And then, request one of the criteria is to SHARE the post! How cool is that? Not only do you get the attention from your current fans, but now you are getting them to share your posts!

This way, you can spread yourself out, have one a week and keep those customers super intrigued, get new eyeballs on your pages and have them always wanting to see what you are giving away next!

Find out how to run an Instagram Giveaway in 5 Easy Steps >



8. Customer (User) Content

Sometimes it can be as simple as asking your current customers to share with you how they love to use your product.

Then, share this (or have them tag you) so you can share with others.

This is great for 3rd party validation and credibility to help build up your own brand.


8. Easy Video Shorts

Last but definitely not least, is to add in short videos to your Instagram feed.

Keep them short and simple and edit them down to only about 20-40 seconds.


instagram jiffpom


You can use a few different Instagram video apps like Boomerang, Hyperlapse and Layout.

instagram video apps boomerang


We’d love to follow your Instagram page – so share it with us below!



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