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Is Origami Owl Now Think Goodness? Yes!

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Origami Owl Jewelry News – OCT 2021

Origami Owl is a direct sales company that was created in 2010 by Isabella “Bella” Weems (Lambert) at the age of 14, calling it Origami Owl as a symbol of wisdom and security….. just kidding, she just liked doing origami and named it after her hobby. The Origami Owl jewelry company is located in Chandler, Arizona, had generated $24 million in revenue by 2012 ( with estimated 50,887 designers at the time and continued to grow exponentially over the years to over 300,00 designers, 370 employees and $250 million in revenues.

The Origami Owl® storytelling jewelry you know and love is now a part of the Think Goodness Brand Collective. You can check out the full statement on the Origami News page about the change in branding for Origami Own is now Think Goodness.
On their site, Origami Owl stated to their employees, consultants and customers:
Dear Origami Owl® Designer, IT’S TIME! You’ve heard about our expansion to a new Brand Collective called “Think Goodness,” which launches with four, key brands (Origami Owl customizable jewelry (your fave!), Willing Beauty® skincare, CMYK™ cosmetics and Intuitiv Wellness™) on October 1. YOU are our family! 

The company Willing Beauty joins Origami Owl to be under the umbrella of the Think Goodness Brand as well. Chrissy Weems (mother of Bella Weems) is the Co-Founder and CEO of Think Goodness and she is the driving force behind the company’s energetic, and heart-filled brand and culture.

origami owl now think goodness jewelry company no longer in business

Fun Fact –  Bella started the company with only $350 in savings (matched by her parents), she purchased some clear lockets and put little charms inside. She first sold them at local house parties, churches, and eventually at a mall kiosk. They were an instant hit. 

Origami Owl jewelry Bella Weems founded 2010

Think Goodness has a complete line of jewelry, beauty and goodness products. You can check out Think Goodness and all their complete line of brands, including Origami Owl, Willing Beauty, CMYK Cosmetics, and Intuitiv Wellness.


origami owl now think goodness collective cmyk cosmetics


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