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Fix Blurry Facebook Images

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fix blurry Facebook image picture upload

When it comes to posting on Facebook, it’s almost inevitable that there will be some type of snag, most likely due to a recent (and they do make them often) updates or algorithm changes. But, one thing that still holds true is the nuisance of uploading a perfectly beautifully crafted image, only to have it post blurry! A big argh.

Don’t fret, my precious ladies! There are two very easy ways to fix blurry Facebook images and get them to post crisp and clear.

1. Compress Your Images First

Compressing your image to less than 99KB is really the key here. You can use a free image compressor like Image Optimizer before you upload to Facebook.  This tool will make loading to Facebook much faster because it will reduce, resize and optimize your images which all social media platforms love.

Not only does this work for uploading to Facebook or other social media platforms, but it also works great for emailing, uploading to Canva or adding to PowerPoint.

2. Use PNG rather than JPEG

For some reason, Facebook doesn’t have an issue with PNG images, so if you can choose that option, do it. When you are in almost any image file, you can choose to “SAVE AS” and save as a PNG file instead of the JPEG.

Then upload away! 

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2 Comments to “ Fix Blurry Facebook Images”

  1. Joy says :Reply

    This response does not answer why the reposted memories are blurry, only how to prevent them. The images were clear when first posted, but when fb ‘reposts’ them as memories, they are blurry. I want to know why, & how to fix it. To be clear(again), my pictures are not blurry when I first post them. It’s the ‘reposted’ memories where they show up blurry.

    1. Admin says :Reply

      Thank-you Joy for the insight/info. So, you are having issues when reposting, too? We will look into this to try and see WHY & HOW to fix repost issues and then update our article.

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