About Home Party Marketplace

Hello & Welcome to Home Party Marketplace!

Started in 2010, Home Party Marketplace has gone through many of hurdles to be a part of the direct sales industry. While the direct selling or network marketing arena grows, shifts and changes constantly so does the requirements for providing necessary information and tools to help our ladies out.

With that, we continue to push through to provide our readers and direct sales consultants a community, advertising opportunities, resources and more to be able to grow their business and succeed in the networking world.

Direct Sales Community

First and foremost, Home Party Marketplace is to be an online community for women in the direct sales industry. Whether you call yourself a consultant, representative, coach, distributor, stylist or designer, you are all welcome and we hope that we can provide resources and tools to help grow your direct sales business to live above and beyond your dreamed lifestyle.

Direct Sales Advertising Nationwide

The Home Party Marketplace online site offers a wonderful opportunity for direct sellers to list their business locally and nationwide and be able to choose a package that fits their current level and budget. There are free and paid advertising opportunities ranging from listings, blog guest-posting, newsletter and social media.

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Direct Sales Companies - Resources & More

In addition to the community and advertising, Home Party Marketplace constantly strives to provide direct sellers with many different types of resources for each of the different direct sales companies and the direct sales industry. These resources include training and resources for booking, recruiting, tradeshows, sales, scripts business growth, home business opportunities, new business leads, team building, and leadership.