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Plunder Design™ Info

Founded:  2014
USA Consultants: 5,800
Commission: 20%-30%
Downline Commission: 2%-8%
Start-Up Cost: $99-$198
Products: Jewelry, Bracelets, Necklaces
Categories:  Jewelry
Headquarters:  East Payson, Utah
Top Executive:  Founder & CEO Hillary Adams
2016 Revenues:  more than $25 million


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Plunder Design History

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Plunder Design Products


Commission: 20%-30%
Downline Commission: 2%-8%
Start-Up Cost: $99-$198

Halisa Necklace by plunder design

Helisa Necklace

US $24.00

Elise Bracelet by Plunder Design

Elise Bracelet

US $34.00

Atlas Ring

US $22.00

Joining Plunder Benefits & Commissions

Plunder offers starter kits and benefits starting at $99 to $198 that includes a few select jewelry items consisting of bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more.

Commission: 20%-30%
Downline Commission: 2%-8%
Start-Up Cost: $99-$198

Below is an example of a recent promotion (ends 4/12/19) where you get everything pictured plus the following:

💗 a $28 gift code to create a custom piece

💗 a $200 promo code to SHOP the NEW collection launching in April

💗 NEW catalogs, order forms, and business supplies

💗 Power Start Incentive gifts {MORE jewelry, business tools, and cash}

💗... the opportunity to make your dreams a reality

☝️ Receive ALL of the above (plus what is pictured) for $99 + tax and shipping.


Plunder Design in the News

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HPM listing Carissa Pasewark Plunder Design Stylist Tucson Arizona updated

Carissa Pasewark

Plunder Design

Tucson, Arizona
(phone - private)

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Carissa Pasewark - Plunder Design - Arizona

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