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Top 10 Direct Sales Companies 2018 Q2

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Below is the search data performed by Home Party Marketplace for Quarter 2 of 2018 (April – June).

With OVER 3.3 MILLION searches a month for these top 10 direct sales companies alone, you can’t help but notice they are popular more than ever!


Home Party Marketplace direct sales company rankings are based on multiple factors which are: popularity, revenues and trend rankings.

These rankings are determined based off the ranking lists from 5 online direct sales resources and also off the previous quarter rank. The resources include:,,, and

Take a look at who jumped and who was bumped!

2018 Top 10 Direct Sales Companies (2018 Second Quarter)

1. Avon

Our number one spot goes to Avon this quarter! And, as you may know, Avon is quite the legend in the direct sales company arena. With over 6 billion in revenue in 2017 from over 2 million consultants worldwide, they are a powerhouse to be reckoned with. 

But, it’s “always the bridesmaid” for Avon usually so felt their steady #2 spot needed to jump up because, well, they deserve it! Plus, they were ranked quite high with 3 out of our 5 direct sales ranking sources over the past quarters.

Avon, quite humorously, is sometimes referred to as the Susan Lucci of the direct sales companies: working their tail off but falling a bit short. For a long time they have been in high competition to Mary Kay and Tupperware, but barely doing better in the consumer eye. This is most likely because they are just “there”, meaning, they really don’t make any waves or stand out in the crowd. In today’s online market, customers expect to see these companies appealing to their need for excitement and liveliness with videos, social media and media ads. 

Let’s keep an eye on them and see if they can start really making some waves in their marketing or online identity to put some distance above the other companies.

Go to: Avon Business Info  | Find Avon Representative | Get an Avon Listing

2. Princess House

Princess House has topped the charts ranking #1 in 2 out of our 5 resources, giving it the #2 spot, being dinged a bit because they haven’t been ranked in the top 10 yet. But, their newness, fast growth, overall popularity and trending big time right now will land them here… for now. We’re not sure how long Princess House will stay #2, but for this quarter, they jumped big time!

Go to: Princess House Business Info  | Find Princess House Reps | Get a Princess House Listing

3. Scentsy

Steadily growing and now well known by name, Scentsy has a $537 million in annual sales. That’s nothing short of awesome. Their flameless candles compete with (and has surpassed) a much more well known direct sales company Partylite. Over the years, they’ve embraced online marketing for not only themselves but allowing their consultants to do the same.

Go to: Scentsy Business Info  | Find Scentsy Reps | Get a Scentsy Listing

4. Young Living

Newer to the direct sales industry, Young Living has really climbed the charts making their place steadily within the TOP 20 across the boards. Their biggest competitor being DoTerra (ranking #6), this company fights to bring natural essential oils to the homes across the world. 

Go to: Young Living Business Info  | Find Young Living Reps | Get a Young Living Listing

5. Mary Kay

What can we say, Mary Kay after all these years (over 50) along with Avon still pops up on the charts in the Top 5. As one of the most well known direct sales business, they continue to push the envelope with creative and innovative ways to reach new consultants every day. However, their market appears to be that of a later generation and they do compete with so many new direct sales businesses that appeal to the younger generations.

The Mary Kay Cosmetics company is not struggling, even though they have a strong backlash and negative reviews from past consultants. The company brings in around $4 billion dollars annually with nearly 3.5 million consultants worldwide. 

They’ve also managed to squeeze their presence into the online world and winning “Best Website”, “Best Facebook”, “Best Pinterest”, and “Best YouTube” business awards. 

Go to: Mary Kay Business Info  | Find Mary Kay Reps | Get a Mary Kay Listing

6. DoTerra

DoTerra is one of those very well off companies that many people on the east side of the US haven’t even heard of yet. They are quite similar to Young Living by providing essential oils with nearly 33% of their customer and consultant base on the west of US.

DoTerra is quickly gaining speed to the top of many direct sales lists and we feel that they will be showing up much higher in rankings very soon.

Go to: DoTerra Business Info  | Find DoTerra Reps | Get a DoTerra Listing

7. Amway

Yes, Amway is still topping the charts! And if it were only about numbers, Amway would surely be claiming the #1 or #2 spots with their $9.5 billion dollar sales and over 3 million distributors.

However, Amway has a double-edged sword they deal with, being a well known direct sales or MLM company, but at the same time they come with a long history of creating the “Ponzi Scheme” or “MLM Scheme” associated negatively on the direct sales industry.

They are oddly enough more associated today with product sales versus money made from the pyramid of team members.

Good luck, Amway of sticking in there! 

Go to: Amway Business Info  | Find Amway Reps | Get an Amway Listing

8. Rodan & Fields

Rodan and Fields is leading the direct sales industry with highly reputable skin care and acne treatment products at a very reasonable price. 

Their consultants appear to have a lot of materials and documentation to appeal to consumers who are shopping for them online and in social media.

Go to: Rodan & Fields Business Info  | Find Rodan & Fields Reps | Get a Rodan & Fields Listing

9. Pampered Chef

Pampered Chef  has been around since 1980 providing over 300 kitchen items today. And, they still bring in big dollars and incredibly popular, enough to compete with the major direct sales classics like Avon, Mary Kay and Tupperware which lands them into our list at number nine. 

While their products were created to specifically be provided by home parties, the changing arena of social media providing live videos and YouTube videos showing the products helps them keep being attractive for consultants who don’t want to have physical parties anymore.

Go to: Pampered Chef Business Info  | Find Pampered Chef Reps |  Get a Pampered Chef Listing

10. Tupperware

Just squeezing at number 10, Tupperware hangs on to it’s long hold on being one of the most well known direct sales company around the world.

Most of us have grown up with or maybe still have some type of Tupperware products in our kitchens. But with other plastic ware and storage products competing at local stores like Rubbermaid, Pyrex, and Glad are more convenient to purchase for consumers.

Tupperware is doing really well among consultants, who like Pampered Chef, are able to take to online videos and combine food recipes into the business to keep revenues coming in year after year.

Go to: Tupperware Business Info  | Find Tupperware Reps | Get a Tupperware Listing


So, how did your company rank?

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