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30% Off: 2019 Calendar and/or a Basic Listing
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What's New?

March 1st, 2018 - Oh my goodness, have we had a blast over the past 2 months! From signing up a TON of new consultants in our directory that reaches across the nation to finalizing our new training programs, just for consultants like YOU!

If you want to get a sneak peak or a part of our ground floor founding members, DO NOT WAIT! We will be closing these soon and then offering them as a bundle purchase for our non-members. But, if you have a listing, then we will surely be giving you a discount. So watch for that in the upcoming months!

Otherwise, we hope you all are filling your books and building your teams!

HPM Consultant Awards 2018 are here!

November 2018 - It's a wonderful feeling to have your leader or teammates recognize your progress and achievements!

Here you have a chance to nominate a direct sales consultant from across the many home party businesses.

Whether they are a wonderful leader, a great supporter, they had a successful year of growth or some other reason that's amazing, totally up to you as to why you want to nominate them! Choose from one of our 6 winning categories: Best Team Leader, Amazing Support Sister, Party Master, Success Shark, Social Star, and TBD.

In addition, there will be team awards! More info coming soon.

Just click on the "Nominate a Consultant Now" button below to get them entered into our system for a chance to be picked as one of the 2018 HPM Consultant Award WINNERS!


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