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Social Media - Module 1: Creating an Avatar

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Creating an Avatar

When it comes to figuring out your brand and identity online, it truly starts with identifying your customer's persona.

You may have heard multiple terms, such as persona, avatar, identity, and character.

Let's start creating what that looks like to get a better understanding who you are doing this all for. 

We are going to create the PERFECT customer avatar. And, yes, we know that there is no "perfect" person, but it's your business and you get to set your own standards. You might as well create the perfect one and then you can adjust from there.

It's Your Turn!

Use the workbook to create your own perfect customer avatar. Use the video and guide to provide more detail in filling in their persona.

Consider these dynamics:

  • Job & Income
  • Location
  • Family situation
  • Gender & Age
  • Demeanor
  • Communication Styles
  • Interests & Hobbies
  • Life Goals (Primary & Secondary)
  • Challenges (Primary & Secondary)

Consider your message to this perfect avatar:

  • What would help them achieve their goals?
  • Quotes that would resonate with them
  • Objectives (Primary & Secondary)
  • Describe your solution to them
  • Sell through an elevator speech