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How To Choose The Right Direct Sales Company to Join

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choosing the right direct sales company to work for

If you don’t know what to look for in a company, that’s ok. It can be overwhelming on choosing the right direct sales company to join.

And, you’re not alone.

Most new consultants are often offered the opportunity at a party they attend and then go full throttle in without doing additional research. And, then they’re not sure if it’s the right company.

We suggest to hold off when choosing a company to join and first check if you meet the following six conditions.

How To Choose The Right Direct Sales Company to Join

  1. Overall Interest Level
  2. Understand the Business Culture
  3. Proven Track Record
  4. Belief In Products & Quality
  5. Review the Income Models
  6. Commitment Readiness

Let’s take a closer look at these items to really get your feet wet and off to the best start possible.

Who knows, your choice may be right on, and to that we say AWESOME and good luck!

Or, after reading the following items and you find that the company may not be the best fit, that’s OK – there are PLENTY of direct sales companies to look into and potentially join….. and one of them is going to absolutely PERFECT for you.


Questions to Answer Before Joining a Direct Sales Company

A person really can have an excellent future in direct sales, provided that the following conditions are considered before taking that leap.

And, we can’t stress this enough – do not ever hesitate to ask your potential new leader help in answering some of these questions. A great leader will want you on board, educated, and ready to go with complete confidence, not only for their success as a leader but your success!


1. Choose the Right Company Based on Your Personal Interests

It’s no surprise why this is #1 on the list. Not only is it CRUCIAL to join a business based on your own interest, but it’s imperative to your continued enjoyment, drive and success. You want to make sure you like what you do because that will keep you motivated to push when things get tough, and there will be tough times!

  • What products are they offering?
  • Do you use the products?
  • Do you like, support and validate the product’s manufacturing and quality?
  • Are you excited and happy about sharing your experiences with the products?
  • Do you find it enjoyable to learn more about all the products they offer?

2.  Understand the Business Culture and Support

Ever see on Facebook when a direct sales company discontinues and it looks like all hell breaks loose with comments from customers and representatives regarding the corporate operations? Yeah, we’ve all seen that at some point. But, by doing a little research ahead of time, checking Facebook groups, comments on Facebook or other social media platforms by customers can give you a great insight into how the current culture is and how supportive and interactive they are in customer service.

  • What are the people like that are already part of the company?
  • Do you know anyone that is a current representative?
  • Are you able to find online questions, forums, and help for yourself and customers?
  • Can you locate resources for the business opportunity?
  • Do they offer onboarding and continuous support?
  • Do they have plenty of online visibility and social engagement?
  • Does the company support any charities, foundations and rescue relief programs?

3.  Proven Track Record

This is another option to review online through bigger industry leading companies like the Better Business Bureau, Forbes, the Direct Sales Association, Yahoo Finance and more regarding the company’s status, reputation and overall financial situation. Check for any big changes, negative changes for troubles, positive changes for growth. There are many indicators out there just by a simple Google search to find more on the company’s track record. Search Google – type the company’s name “+ corporate”.

  • Is their system solid?
  • What do accredited industry-leading review sites say about the company (BBB, DSA, Forbes, etc)
  • Have you researched their company online Google reviews and social review scores?
  • Do they have an ongoing and consistent social media following?
  • Has their business had any recent financial, corporate structure or product/service line issues?

4.  Products and Quality

Take look at the company’s website, and dig into their product lines. Check popular products and see their reviews, comments, and overall customer satisfaction. This is a great time to become aware of what the branding looks like from the customer’s perspective because once you dive into a company, you will take on a roll to have to answer questions about products on the spot and possibly address common issues.

  • Do you agree with the product lines?
  • Do you think they are of great quality?
  • Have you researched their online product reviews?
  • Do you believe in, trust and support their product line testing operations?
  • Are there any issues with quality, purchasing or returns with customers and/or representatives?

5.  Review the Income Model

This is really one of the most important aspects to a lot of our consultants because well over 65% join a direct sales company to make extra money, if not to perhaps replace a current full-time job. So, knowing the income possibilities and potential risks is a major research point to consider doing immediately. Most direct sales companies, if not all, have a JOIN menu option where you can view their compensation plan, downline plan and product discounts. Some may not provide the entire structure in full visibility to the public, but once you start talking about joining the company with your potential leader, they will (and should) be offering you paperwork that describes these in great detail. Do not hesitate or be afraid to ask for more information or more questions. this is your future and your livelihood and a great leader will want you ready and prepared.

  • What is the Compensation Plan?
  • When and how will you be paid?
  • How much commission do you get on products sold?
  • What is the downline structure?
  • Do you understand it is not a get rich quick scheme
  • Do you think its a Pyramid scheme? Pyramid schemes are not direct sales/network marketing

6.  Commitment Readiness

Joining a direct sales business is not easy. It takes will power, discipline and a new way of building an income source. There are many reasons for potential failure and one of them is that the commitment and readiness were not there in the beginning. So, make sure you can take the necessary time and dedication towards this new opportunity for your massive success ahead!

  • Are you able to devote time, learning, and high quantum of hard work?
  • Do you have a ton of patience for income to start rolling in?
  • Do you understand your income needs? You will need to work this as a business, not just a part-time gig to make larger quantities of money.



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Research Is Key

Nothing can replace researching and checking all your stats before making some big decisions like joining and starting a new business journey with a direct sales business.


Resources: – How to Choose the right direct sales company


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