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Do You Use Themes For Posting on Facebook, Instagram and Other Social Media?

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Working your direct sales business using Facebook is extremely beneficial in reaching new customers, connecting to your teammates and sharing all the great products available that you have to offer.

But, trying to figure out what to post and still have fun can be a struggle for some.

The solution? Plan ahead and have themed days!

Not only will themed days work for Facebook, but it can work with any of your social media outlets like Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Here are some examples for you to try today!


MONDAY Theme Days

Monday Madness

Motivation Monday in which we set one specific goal for what we’re going to get done this week


TUESDAY Theme Days

Tech Tuesday

Testing Tuesdays (Testing out your new ideas)



Whacked Wednesday’s ( what you learned from Tuesday)



Thoughtful Thursday ( life goals, community goals, business goals, appreciation, gratitude)


FRIDAY Theme Days

Freebie Friday would be NUTS – where people just post their awesome freebies for people to check out 🙂

Pay it Forward Friday – GIving thanks and appreciating each other in the group for support and cheerleading

Followup Friday (Checking in on what you learned from Motivation Monday where we’re held directly accountable for them.) The FF post would have tagged all of the commenters from MM, and a link to the MM post

FB ads highlight

FB ads tips

Financial tips 

I like a FB ads highlight, everyone posts their FB ad for critique and show their #s, conversions, costs, cpc, views etc…



Solutions Sunday

Serious Saturdays ( Day for the hustler who works through the weekend)

Sippin Sunday’s (What’s in your cup today, what are you doing, where are you at, who are with, how is life)

Saturday Streamers – Create and share a short live stream from your page of what your hustle will be for the weekend. Could be business, could be friends or family, could alone time, watching a movie, but share it with a stream, words are not enough today 🙂

This is assuming you can share live stream links in the comments area.




What are some great theme days that you have used? Tell us below!

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